30 Years Fuse - Compilation

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30 years of Fuse means 30 years of road paving.

In over a quarter century, our club has stood the test of time by rooting itself in ageless music and employing pioneering artists - large or small, international or local - to command the decks of Belgium’s longest-running dance floor.

A celebration of this legacy and the renewed imprint is in order, coming in the form of a 30-track compilation of techno’s best and brightest from around the world. One track for one year, this collection of recordings highlights the status quo of enduring club music, beginning with a nod to the past: a re-release of Jeff Mills's iconic ‘Step to Enchantment’ from 1993. This glance to the past quickly shoots us forward into the current state of techno with legendary artists like Planetary Assault Systems, DVS1, Steffi, Rødhåd, Donato Dozzy, DJ Nobu, and many others who headlined the club in recent years. Cementing itself as a respected escapist institution, Fuse also calls on its growing local scene to prove why Brussels continues to remain a reference in the scene even outside of its own borders.

An ode to the past and a hint to the future, Fuse shares this milestone with its original guests from 1994 all the way to its fresh partygoers of the past years as a promise to keep its dance floor focused on quality music and timeless moments.

Pre-orders for the 31.10.24 release are running as of now with the button below. Get a preview of all tracks below as well.


A1. Jeff Mills - Step To Enchantment
A2. The Advent - Quadrant One One Two
B1. James Ruskin - Alfa Lift
B2. Ben Sims - Light The Fuse (Firecracker Mix)
C1. Planetary Assault Systems - Catch 23
C2. Setaoc Mass - Fire in Sand
D1. Steffi - Heavy Knock
D2. Rødhad - Fever FM
E1. Rebecca Delle Piane - Sharp Taint
E2. Phara - Sorry, I Overslept
F1. Adriana Lopez - Broken
F2. Oscar Mulero - RB208
G1. DJ Nobu - SG108
G2. Donato Dozzy - Purificazione
H1. DVS1 - Escape
H2. Nihad Tule - Self Supply
I1. Altinbas - Unit 2
I2. GiGi FM - U8
I3. Border One - Resonant Shape
J1. Deniro - Esuf
J2. Kr!z - Step Into Tomorrow
K1. Kerrie - Cyclone101
K2. Downside - Cosmos in Motion
K3. Matrixxman - Boss Loop V69
L1. Yanamaste - Swing
L2. Initial Code - Orange Sofa
M1. Stephanie Sykes - Tic Tac Hoe
M2. JakoJako - Diazed
N1. Voiski - Look In, Look Out
N2. Arthur Robert - Lightspeed

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