Fuse vouchers:
Frequently asked questions


No. All Fuse Vouchers are sold out.

No. You have to exchange your voucher for a ticket via fuse.be/exchange-vouchers. Only with that ticket, you can enter the concerning event.

All instructions on how to use your vouchers are printed on the voucher itself.

No panic, you can use this link and enter your email address to receive your code again.

The vouchers will remain valid until the 31st of August 2023.

Yes, your friends/family can use one of your vouchers. The voucher codes aren’t linked to your name.


No. We can’t allow extra people in for safety reasons. Rest assured, the voucher exchange option for every event will be enabled at the exact same time as the regular online sales start. So everyone gets a fair chance to get their ticket – with a voucher or not – for popular events.

No. We kept the T-shirt price very sharp and decided not to ship it. Everyone that bought a voucher package with a T-shirt, bought three ticket vouchers as well. So we assume you come to Fuse at some point. The T-shirt will be available for pick-up during every future Fuse night – for one year after reopening – as soon as we’re back open.

It’s a surprise! Find out when picking it up.

Send an email to info@fuse.be