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Fuse Imprint is back with a third release of ageless techno, brimming with grit and soul by Sweden’s own Dold. ‘Rider’ embodies 4 different examples of classically mastered techno that samples each facet of one of club music’s most enduring genres. Fuzzy mechanics, loopy chord sequences and thumping rhythms make this a particularly infectious record for dance floor newcomers and long time fanatics alike.

The A1 on a four track EP is usually meant to make an impression, an enticing introduction to lure in the listener to discover the rest of a project, and Dold does exactly that with ‘Smile’. A twisted name for an intimidating opener, the producer operates a minimal composition to make way for an invasive acid line, resulting in a peak time treat of immediate effect. ‘Smile’ exercises power with a shrill background ambiance to make its intentions clear, however the follow up balances the tone to bring things back to the groove.

‘Old News’
engages in a more playful style of production, blurring the line between percussion and synth work. Repetitive chords trigger almost like compressed toms, booming past an excited drum sequence with a punchy kick and flickering hi hats. Clap rolls before ducking back into the kick give this record a truly vintage quality to it, all the while staying pertinent for the modern dancefloor.

The title track ‘Rider’ settles in perfectly as a response to its predecessor. Dold isn’t afraid to add a bit of shimmer to what could have been expected to be a colder addition to his EP, and this gives a considerable amount of character that has become synonymous with his sound. The bright keys and supporting synths are given a lot of space, creating a highly sought-after dancefloor euphoria. Melodically rich and percussively mastered, the Swede explores ‘Rider’ with openness and curiosity, making it the perfect track to name the project after.

With the end drawing closer, Dold unveils the last part of his contribution to Fuse. Softening up his synth sequence to be a bit more airy than the three before, he’s able to create a whole new atmosphere by swaying through ‘Rich String’ that soothes the listener for the conclusion of his EP, a true reflection of Fuse’s brand of techno.

Release out on the 1st of March. Pre-orders are available via Bandcamp and snippets via Soundcloud.

Text by Noah Hocker.

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