Fuse season 2022/23

Surrounded by the authentic charm of the Marolles, we’re at the dawn of our annual rebirth.

Keep your eyes peeled for our new clubbing season.

It is time to unveil our new ‘International Residency’ annual concept. From now on and each year, two international residents will join our current team for one club season only. In Belgium, they will play exclusively at Fuse during this time.

Each of the two international residents will have three peculiar nights planned in our club:

▫️1 back to back: inviting a guest of their choice to form a particular crew for the time of one whole night.

▫️1 all night long: find them igniting our dancefloor from start to finish, one fighter only.

▫️1 curated night: hand-picking a complete line-up of selectors they love for our greatest pleasure.

One question still remains open now. Guess who?